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    Adeleke Adefioye has always shown a genuine interest in human welfare. He is passionate about humanity, justice, equity and fairness. As a fresh college graduate serving his home country Nigeria, he won a Commendation Award as the most responsible and the most constructive corps member as well as a Merit Award as the most outstanding corps member.

  Shortly after college, he started his first career as a broadcaster with a state-owned television station where he worked as a talk show host, studio continuity announcer and newscaster.  He later moved to the print media having discovered that he couldn’t suppress his instinctive aptitude for writing. As a journalist, he wrote extensively on politics, information technology, business and energy (power, oil and gas).

    He changed career having successfully completed an MBA degree upon relocation to the United States of America, however, he continues to write at his leisure. In 2015, he wrote an open letter to the President of Nigeria which he presented to the president’s delegation at an event in Washington D.C. In the letter, he outlined and strongly made a case for service to humanity in governance. He holds a notion that the strong and passionate plea in the letter led to the establishment of the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs in the country.

     As an astute team player, he won the maiden edition of a firm-wide Slayer Award at the financial firm he currently works for. In 2020. Ade, as he is fondly called by friends and colleagues, was nominated to the National Society of Leadership and Success by the University of Phoenix. His inordinate desire is to see a world with an improved standard of living for all humans and a world where all races and nationalities coexist peacefully.

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